Another view of Symmetry

From my favorite perch watching sunset yesterday, the sun, streaming in from it’s low angle near the horizon, revealed a new view of my piece, Symmetry, which hangs on the wall next to my chair.

The shadows of the stitching and printed bird on the front layer are projected momentarily on the back layer. I love the intense and fleeting shadows this time of year and this time of day.


After sunset the front layer catches the light as it fades. It is hard to reproduce this on a gallery wall, or on a professionally done slide, but it’s what I most enjoy about this piece!


Doorway into the new year


I’ll be taking a break from blogging over the next several weeks, perhaps until early January. I look forward to contemplative reflection, continuing work in the studio, and spending time with family and friends.

Wishing you peace and contentment as we cross over the threshold to a new year.

(I took this photo at Dún Aonghasa in the Aran Islands when my husband and I traveled there in 2007.)

Koi gestures

Every other Friday I meet two sketching companions at nearby Como Park. As the weather has cooled, we’ve moved inside to the Conservatory. I sketched some Koi gestures while gazing into the dark koi pond and hardly looking at my paper. I enjoy the energy of gesture drawings  – with live fish it’s impossible to capture much else because of the constant movement — in this case the eyes and mouths really stood out! It might be helpful to remember this movement while re-designing my minnow stencil!