Dyed, Printed Backgrounds

I made about 30 of these little dyed/printed “backgrounds” after we came back from Ireland last fall. I’ve tried stencil prints on them, sort of as “illustration,” and have incorporated some of them into my Experiments in 2 layers. I am waiting for them to speak to me further. They incorporate bucket dyeing, screen printing, Presist resist, and a kind of rubbing/texture transfer using a foam paint roller. Fiber-reactive dyes on cotton.


My Sister’s House

This piece was included in my recent show at Unity Unitarian in St. Paul (May 2008). The inspiration was my sister’s lovely home in the woods near Deer Isle, Maine. I used a variety of techniques including rice paste resist through hand-cut stencils and found materials, large freezer paper stencils, block printing, etc. The work underwent 3-4 layers of dyes and pigments on the cotton ground. Size is 24″ x 43″.

My Sister\'s House
My Sister’s House © Kit Eastman

Some Favorite Painters

While perusing painter Mary Klein’s blog, I was reminded of two other painters whose work I admire — Morris Graves and Mary Newcomb. I marvel at Graves’ evocative paintings of birds by Morris Graves and flowers, and Mary Newcomb’s unique interpretation of the world around her. There is a fabulous book on Newcomb’s work by Christopher Andreae which is available from time to time. While looking for images of Newcomb’s work I stumbled upon this tribute/obituary. She died this past March at the age of 86.

Owl on Globe by Morris Graves
Moths and Men with Hay, August by Mary Newcomb