Liking the new arrangement

It’s amazing how shifting a few objects around in a room can open it up. I pasted a long piece of linen yesterday (3+ yards), and began painting the work today. I can move around the work more easily. The picture shows the pasted section resting on the top of my flat file, which is on wheels allowing me to push it around as needed. I’m glad that I can now work with a big piece of fabric like this.


And from the other direction…

The pasted fabric stretched out to dry.


Because the rice paste shrinks when it dries, the surrounding fabric pops up a little from the surrounding pasted areas.

Dyeing the Work

These photos show my work during the dyeing process. The rice paste resist (golden in color) was “printed” through the stencil and allowed to dry. It forms a strong, yet water-soluble bond with the fibers.  The colors are gently scrubbed into the cloth with a rather dry brush. I paint my colors on in 3 layers, drying the work between each layer, as I learned from John Marshall in 2004. This ensures even coverage as well as a strong bond between the dyes and the fibers.

In the piece above, I’ve used the same stencil, based on my species tulips, but have dyed it in a different color palette.

A Favorite Subject with his Prey

The other day on my morning walk I saw a Great Blue Heron fishing in the small lake near my home. It looks like it has caught a baby bullhead.


Below is my minnow design pasted, stretched and ready to dye. My recent batch of rice paste was easier to handle with this rather challenging stencil.