Another view of Symmetry

From my favorite perch watching sunset yesterday, the sun, streaming in from it’s low angle near the horizon, revealed a new view of my piece, Symmetry, which hangs on the wall next to my chair.

The shadows of the stitching and printed bird on the front layer are projected momentarily on the back layer. I love the intense and fleeting shadows this time of year and this time of day.


After sunset the front layer catches the light as it fades. It is hard to reproduce this on a gallery wall, or on a professionally done slide, but it’s what I most enjoy about this piece!


Author: Kit

I’m a St. Paul MN visual artist, working in drawing, printmaking, and textile art.

9 thoughts on “Another view of Symmetry”

  1. This is my favourite piece of yours-I think because you have captured the essence of the doves as well as creating their ethereal presence as the light catches them. happy New Year, Kit..-= judith´s last blog blessings =-.

  2. This is awesome,Kit. Symmetry glows! I wish I could have seen your face the first time you saw this happen. I would love to sit in your chair and watch the changing light on your piece. Thanks for sharing this.May you have a peaceful,productive New Year.

  3. thank you -organza is so appealing – I love the way it catches the breeze and reflects light.

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