Student Resources

Welcome! If you have taken a class from me, or are thinking about it, this is where you will find links and useful information related to what we do in class.  Please feel free to ask questions through the commenting feature on specific page and I will respond as soon as I can, also through the comment feature. That way all can benefit from the questions and answers posted here. I will continue to update information as I learn new things. If you’ve visited my website before, you may know that I learned katazome from John Marshall, through residential workshops at his studio in 2004 and again in 2010. My approach to materials and supplies is based upon that learning. He creates stunningly beautiful wearable art and is an inspiring teacher. I have also been exploring alternatives to some of the traditional tools and materials, which can be expensive, as well as difficult to find outside of Japan.

Rice paste resist recipe

Soy milk recipe

Natural pigment notes

Supplies and resources

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