Koi gestures

Every other Friday I meet two sketching companions at nearby Como Park. As the weather has cooled, we’ve moved inside to the Conservatory. I sketched some Koi gestures while gazing into the dark koi pond and hardly looking at my paper. I enjoy the energy of gesture drawings  – with live fish it’s impossible to capture much else because of the constant movement — in this case the eyes and mouths really stood out! It might be helpful to remember this movement while re-designing my minnow stencil!


Author: Kit

I’m a St. Paul MN visual artist, working in drawing, printmaking, and textile art.

4 thoughts on “Koi gestures”

  1. he he… Shari, I put the shade aside because I had other priorities. I will get to it eventually, and will share it here, as planned. 98% of the time I follow through, but I am sometimes s – l – o – w!

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