Experiments in Two Layers

I’m experimenting with 2-layered pieces. These are difficult to photograph because the lighting is so critical. I’m not 100% satisfied with the way these are presented; more ideas re: presentation are percolating in my imagination. The piece called “Symmetry” is part of a collaborative project curated by fiber artist Erika Mock. Erika has paired fiber artists and poets to collaborate on the theme of “Venus.” Participants will interpret this theme in many ways — I am contemplating the concept of beauty in nature, which is usually my inspiration and the source of my imagery. I am paired with Duluth poet Tera Freese. She has given me four lovely poems in exchange for Symmetry. (I will post them here along with completed artwork.) This summer each of us will create work in response to each other’s work. The show will be held in Superior, Wisconsin this coming September.

Matrix/Mourning Doves © Kit Eatman

November Clematis

My Clematis bloomed in November this year, an unusual happening in Minnesota. I plucked it before the frost had its way, placed the bloom in a glass bottle and then got my sketchpad.

The rose was a gift.

These are stencil prints  on hand-dyed cotton. I dyed the background fabric via a combination of immersion and screen print techniques using fiber-reactive dyes. Silk organza is layered and stitched to create the table surface.

Dimensions approx. 9″ x 11″