Crows for BirdxBird 2009

I’ve finished my work for 2009 BirdxBird. I made two pieces simultaneously, so I would be sure to have one for this cause, and to play with two variations of my idea. The work Crow 2, below, will be part of the silent auction, to be held next Saturday evening, Feb. 21st, at Northrup King Building in NE Minneapolis. This event features work by 130 artists in all media to benefit Audubon Center of the North Woods & Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden. It is GREAT FUN! If you live in the vicinity, please attend! Details can be found on the website. My works, below, each measure approx. 22″ x 15″, including the border. Hand dyed fabric, paste resisted, discharged, hand pieced and embellished.

Two blogs have been hugely inspiring to me this past month, nudging me
to think outside the box and pull out needle, thread and thimble more
than I usually do. Threadspider is working on some beautiful embroidered birds celebrating Darwin’s birthday. SpiritCloth‘s
creativity with hand piecing, stitching and quilting is mind-boggling,
as is her documentation of the creative process. If you need to get
un-stuck, spend a few moments over there.

Creating a spiral

Beginning this project, I wanted to use some of the many small dyed and printed pieces, which I had also used in the 3 two-layered pieces (Symmetry, Remembered Contours, Matrix/Mourning Doves).
Working within my theme of the golden spiral I hand-pieced two rectangles to approximate the geometry of this fascinating form. Fabric is so forgiving of the imprecise!

and another….

I created a stencil tracing the line of the spiral with a series of dots getting smaller and smaller (using my Japanese punch), and then both discharged and rice paste resisted the pattern; with a wash of turquoise dye paint in between. The mis-registration of the stencil created little mini-lunar eclipses and double-dots.