Second Chances Invitational Show

I made this concertina book for the invitational exhibit,“Second Chances,” which will be at Ripple River Gallery in Deer River, MN from April 12th-May 14th. I had fun interpreting the theme “second chances” in a literal way, creating a story in pictures about how we got our dog, Ollie, a Basset mix rescue dog. His black and white spots seem to call attention to his playful nature, and inspired the (mostly) black, white, and gray palette. 

The original art was done with gouache and colored pencil on toned gray mixed media paper (Strathmore Series 500). The final art consists of two 6” x 18” pieces. I scanned these, and reduced the art by 20% so that I could print it with my Canon TS6120 Inkjet printer. After running a few test on various papers, I chose to print it on on Awagami Bamboo Select printmaking paper, which has a velvety smooth surface and folds easily to make the book structure. 

Finally, I constructed the concertina books (so far I have made three including one with the original art), following the process I learned in the Block to Book workshop I took with Karen Kunc at Grand Marais Art Colony in the fall of 2021. (See previous post.)

I look forward to seeing how the other artists respond to this theme!

Print Exchange

I am participating in a print exchange at the Remarque Print Workshop in Albuquerque New Mexico. Each participant has created an edition of 11 prints on 8 x 10 paper. In return, each will receive 10 randomly selected prints from other participants sometime this month. I can’t wait to see these prints! This is a great way to share work and to collect the work of other artists, as well as supporting an arts organization or cause.

I created the above print, “Hydrangea,” for the exchange. The image size is 7 x 8.5″. (Mokuhanga -Japanese water-based woodblock- 5 colors, 10 impressions, Bamboo Select 170 gsm paper from Awagami Paper Factory)

The print show is now open online, and features 80 printmakers employing a wide variety methods and media. Each print is available for sale at $75. Half of all proceeds will go to the gallery’s education fund. You can read more about the gallery, see the prints, and buy one here:

Japan MI-Lab Artist Residency

I am following a new path in my work: woodblock printmaking using the Japanese technique known as moku hanga. My experience with Katazome — its simple materials, tools, and its familiar rhythms of preparation and repetition has naturally led me to to explore this new direction. 

Mount Fuji from Lake Kawaguchiko

One year ago I was in Fuji-Kawaguchiko, Japan participating in a five week long artist residency at the Mokuhanga Innovation Lab (MI-Lab). Each session invites, through a juried application process, six artists from around the world to learn Japanese woodblock printmaking from master printmakers. This was a transformative experience for me and I am so grateful to have participated!

Garden behind Itchiku Kubota Museum

Memories that linger: the beautiful and quiet town of Katsuyama near Mount Fuji and Lake Kawaguchiko; the awe-inspiring presence of the mountain (“Fuji-San”); the rhythms and tasks of the studio and daily life with this small group of diverse artists.

Lake Kawaguchiko

Our Sensei, Chihiro Taki , and two visiting Sensei (Ayao Shiokawa and Michiko Hamada) shared their expertise and demonstrated many intriguing possibilities for a contemporary approach to this ancient art form. I know that my work will continue to be transformed by this learning.

Tokyo Alley Cat

During this year I made three prints (images below), which are now available in my online shop.