Print Exchange

I am participating in a print exchange at the Remarque Print Workshop in Albuquerque New Mexico. Each participant has created an edition of 11 prints on 8 x 10 paper. In return, each will receive 10 randomly selected prints from other participants sometime this month. I can’t wait to see these prints! This is a great way to share work and to collect the work of other artists, as well as supporting an arts organization or cause.

I created the above print, “Hydrangea,” for the exchange. The image size is 7 x 8.5″. (Mokuhanga -Japanese water-based woodblock- 5 colors, 10 impressions, Bamboo Select 170 gsm paper from Awagami Paper Factory)

The print show is now open online, and features 80 printmakers employing a wide variety methods and media. Each print is available for sale at $75. Half of all proceeds will go to the gallery’s education fund. You can read more about the gallery, see the prints, and buy one here:

Pattern, color, rhythm

I enjoy repeat patterns – a challenge to design and a fun to discover variations on a theme. Visual rhythms, process rhythms, keeping time, leaving space for imagination, practice for my hands.
I’ve washed the rice paste from the cotton/linen blend, decorated with Meadow Rue and Tulip designs. Below are photos of results. Each piece is approx. 24″ x 62.”

Meadow rue pattern. ©Kit Eastman

Meadow Rue pattern detail; © Kit Eastman
Meadow Rue pattern detail. ©Kit Eastman


Katazome, Tulip pattern, natural pigments on linen/cotton blend. © Kit Eastman
Tulip Pattern. Natural pigments on linen/cotton ©Kit Eastman

Tulip pattern detail. © Kit Eastman
Tulip pattern detail. ©Kit Eastman