The Robins

I have a thing for Robins. They are a symbol of the joy I feel in spring after the long, dark winter. A certain robin, the same one for 3 or 4 years, has raised, along with her mate, 2-3 broods every year. She builds her nest on top of a sheltered post on our open back porch. I lure her back to this spot with raisins. She and her mate show up in April, “asking” for raisins with a plucky stance as they gaze up at me through the glass of the kitchen door. In feeding them this occasional treat, I always remember my mother, who started this activity many years ago and derived great pleasure from it, as I now do. Both male and female are devoted and energetic parents.

It is now mid-July, and I think the Robins have moved on for the summer.

Peak leaves and great destination

If you are considering a drive up north to see the leaves this weekend, I recommend you stop by the Ripple River Gallery, near Aitkin, MN on Saturday, October 2nd. It’s about a 2-hour drive north of the Twin Cities.

The gallery is hosting a Fall Open House & Raku Firing! You can find details here. There is also a wonderful woodworking show on display in the gallery.
You will see Mille Lacs Lake on the way…

… and many colorful leaves at their peak

You might see the fearless deer that were grazing in Bob & Amy’s yard on Wednesday.



You’ll experience the warm hospitality of the owners, Bob Carls, wood turner, and Amy Sharpe, weaver and gallery manager.



I dropped off  a few runners and pillows, including this new rabbit pillow.

bunny pillow

Magical morning


This weekend will be unseasonably warm for November, so I am taking advantage of it! I’ve been reading India Flint’s fascinating book on natural dyeing this week, and now I will look at every carpet of leaves with new eyes! (see if you can spot the dog paws…)

I spotted this eagle twice earlier this week, and today I had my camera along! Even though Bald Eagles sightings are fairly common in my neighborhood, I am still thrilled to the bone every time I see one!