Subtle November color

Today is a misty day down at the pond, with subtle November colors under a gray sky.

misty shore
moss on ash tree
black willow, native to this area


I see these colors reflected in the silk and wool from my latest (and likely my last until next year) leaf bundle experiment. I had collected so many leaves I couldn’t see my work table. So I bundled them in silk and wool strips. The wool was treated first with alum. The silk had been soy sized some months ago. Simmering them in onion skin extract gave lovely rust colored edges.

River Birch and Japanese Maple on wool (with onion skin edges)
White Oak and Swamp White Oak on wool
Black Willow and Black Chokeberry on silk
Smooth Wild Rose on silk

The thrilling ecoprint process (as developed then shared “whirled”-wide by India Flint) transforms the fleeting beauty of these leaves to something we can savor over time.  I’ll add the strips to my personal quilt weaving, started long ago (a technique learned from Jude Hill of Spiritcloth).

Author: Kit

I’m a St. Paul MN visual artist, working in drawing, printmaking, and textile art.

9 thoughts on “Subtle November color”

  1. Velma, yes I imagine we share many of the same trees, shrubs, flora, and fauna here at northern latitudes East of the Mississippi (me just barely east).

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