Reflective mood

Leaves gone, our local pond added to my reflective mood this past week.




These winter evenings are perfect for working on my personal quilt project, practicing new quilt weaving skills learned from Jude Hill. I’m incorporating the vintage damask napkins that I’ve layered with paste resisted imagery and indigo dye and pigment, as well as squares woven from my own dyed scraps and other fabrics from my stash.




Author: Kit

I’m a St. Paul MN visual artist, working in drawing, printmaking, and textile art.

6 thoughts on “Reflective mood”

  1. I love the photo of the shore, it gives me peace and I imagine the place to be silent and mysterious.Your quilt is beautiful, I admire what you ladies (Jude too) can do with your hands and imagination.

  2. I like your little torn rag weavings. Always a surprise when images juxtaposeAlso, I’d like to move on to bigcartel, just to test the waters…. Good luck! I like all your changes here.

  3. Thank you, Susan. My only experience with weaving…except braiding my own hair as a teenager! Big Cartel has a nice clean interface and is easy to use.

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