Curing, soaking, frosty garden

While preparing my stencil-dyed cloth for a soak in the tub this a.m., I noticed this frosty vision of the back yard.

The fabric has been curing for about a week, hanging from the ceiling near a radiator. The backside shows the raised texture created by contrast between the dried rice paste resist and the dyed areas.

The work soaks in the tub for awhile to dissolve the rice paste resist. Now it is hanging to dry.


Author: Kit

I’m a St. Paul MN visual artist, working in drawing, printmaking, and textile art.

4 thoughts on “Curing, soaking, frosty garden”

  1. The texture contrast reminds me so much of damask table covers-it looks beautiful and tactile and the singing colours in the bath are are real boost at this time of year.I am enjoying the frost patterns, the cool blues and metallics of this winter, but I am beginning to want some spring now-I guess you do too!

  2. Fascinating process. I am interested in using rice paste with stencils myself, but have not done so yet. I’ll come back to see the finished product. Thanks for showing this.

  3. yes, I am looking forward to spring — while enjoying the quality of light and the slow return to brighter, longer days.

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