Craving color

I was thinking today how monotone winter can be. This weekend it’s been raining, sleeting, the snow is dirty and the skies are dark gray. Then I found this photo I snapped a couple of weeks ago …

I’m dyeing this work with fuchsia and turquoisey-teal, and where they overlap makes a kind of violet. Keeping a softer focus with my eyes and a looser grip on the brush feels great after the concentration needed to paste a repeat. Less fussy. And this approach to the painting should give some softness to the details and edges defined by the stencil.

the yellowish areas are the rice paste

The little tulips that inspired this pattern are the first bulbs to bloom in my garden. We won’t see them again until mid-April or so.

species tulips

Author: Kit

I’m a St. Paul MN visual artist, working in drawing, printmaking, and textile art.

6 thoughts on “Craving color”

  1. Hi again. I don’t know why my comment above has the bit about “Jane LaFazio’s last blog Scuba TV” It appears to be some kind of weird spam and I didn’t write it.
    oh, I see below the commetn box there’s a check box for scuba tv…whaddup with that?

  2. hi Jane, I don’t know what that was about – that hadn’t happened before. I deactivated that plugin and deleted the line you mention. I appreciate the heads-up.

  3. Lovely colors! Where is the sunset photo? It is beautiful. I imagine a delicious soup and homemade bread awaits the photographer.Will you be doing more layers on the tulips?
    Waiting for selectol soft developer to cool so I can make a print that will have a soft focus look to it….or so “they” say. Then I will handcolor.

  4. Hi Judy – the sunset is over the Lake Como Pavilion. I do three layers of dye, plus some highlights as needed; perhaps another layer to deepen the darks. Your photo process sounds intriguing…

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