Dyeing the Work

These photos show my work during the dyeing process. The rice paste resist (golden in color) was “printed” through the stencil and allowed to dry. It forms a strong, yet water-soluble bond with the fibers.  The colors are gently scrubbed into the cloth with a rather dry brush. I paint my colors on in 3 layers, drying the work between each layer, as I learned from John Marshall in 2004. This ensures even coverage as well as a strong bond between the dyes and the fibers.

In the piece above, I’ve used the same stencil, based on my species tulips, but have dyed it in a different color palette.


Author: Kit

I use the materials and techniques of the Japanese art of katazome (paste resist stencil dyeing) to capture my experience of nature. My work celebrates daily meetings with the wild birds, plants, and lake breezes of my local urban surroundings.

6 thoughts on “Dyeing the Work”

  1. I’m still not 100% clear on how this works. I understand the resist part, but the second photo doesn’t reveal any of the orange paint that you seem to be applying in the top picture. Forgive my thick-headedness…

  2. Hi Annie – oh … that’s a separate piece in a different palette! I should have said so, and will amend the post to clarify! Thanks for your comment!

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