Art Opening Friday April 3rd

I’m participating in a show of work by members of the WARM (Women’s Art Registry of Minnesota) Exhibition Committee. The show opens this Friday evening at the Minnesota Women’s Building, 550 Rice Street, St. Paul, MN 55103. Click each thumbnail below for detailed information. Hope to see you there!

Author: Kit

I’m a St. Paul MN visual artist, working in drawing, printmaking, and textile art.

4 thoughts on “Art Opening Friday April 3rd”

  1. I’ve got your blog on my Google Reader. Unfortunately, on that format, I can’t see who, exactly, is the writer, so I get the blogs writers mixed up. But WARM caught my eye, so I’m looking at your actual blog.

    My Sis-in-Law was in this group early on. She may have been one of the founders. I think I heard her say that there was no galleries that would show women’s work in those days, about the late ’70’s.

    I’m is the QA group on-line. I may have found your blog through that or because of Google Alerts that I have set up for quilt art and fiber art in Minnesota.

    Email me privately if you want further information.

  2. Thanks for visiting! There is so much to look at online and I have barely scratched the surface! WARM continues to foster opportunities for women artists in this region. The jewel of the organization is the Mentor Program, which I went through in 2005-2006. Check their website for more info.

  3. Congratulations, Kit! It looks like a really good show — lots of color and a great variety of media. Wish I could come. Have fun at the opening!

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