Works on Cotton

I created these works on cotton fabric, using fiber-reactive dyes and other pigments including oil sticks and colored pencils.





Author: Kit

I use the materials and techniques of the Japanese art of katazome (paste resist stencil dyeing) to capture my experience of nature. My work celebrates daily meetings with the wild birds, plants, and lake breezes of my local urban surroundings.

5 thoughts on “Works on Cotton”

  1. Kit, This is a beautiful blogsite! I don’t think I’ve seen egret/moon yet……it loads really fast and has so many pages. I love the Merton poem. Congrats on getting this set up!

  2. Kit –

    I find your work lovely, and very poetic. It’s not surprising that you post both words and images on your site!

    My favorite of the images above is The Gathering -I love the colorful layers, and can practically ‘hear’ the society of these blackbirds, one of my favorite family of birds!

  3. I recently saw your work “Night” at the Banfill-Locke Center For The Arts in Fridley. It has inspired me so much. I want to create something similar in technique for a school project. Did you use wax to block out areas? And where would you purchase the dyes to use?

  4. Hi Suzi,
    Thanks for your comments on my work! If you look for a book by Jane Dunnewold called Complex Cloth, you can learn about most of the techniques I used in the works on cotton you see here. I don’t use wax as a resist anymore. I create my own stencils and use them to block out areas. I also use monogum thickener plus bleach to remove color when I want that effect. For resists, I use water-based resists such as home-made rice paste or Presist, which is sold by Pro-chemical and Dye. You can purchase the dyes locally at Colorful Quilts and Textiles in St. Paul. Otherwise, you can look for Prochemical and Dye on the Web, or Dharma Trading, also on the web. Both of these vendors sell fiber-reactive Procion dyes for cellulose fiber. Hope this helps, and good luck on your project!

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